Review of the robot vacuum cleaner iBoto Smart X320G Aqua
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In our test laboratory, the iBoto Smart X320G Aqua robot vacuum cleaner turned out to be different from its congeners in size (it is small), with only side brushes and upper access to the garbage container. He also knows how to wash floors.

So we immediately took it into circulation and forced it to vacuum the test site, and also to clean and wash a three-room apartment - and now we are ready to tell you whether it is convenient to use it and whether it tidies up well.
The front side of the package is decorated with a photograph of the model, and the bottom part lists the main advantages of the device: scheduled cleaning, wet and dry cleaning, and navigation using a gyroscope.
The sides illustrate the use of the vacuum cleaner on a variety of floor coverings in three different cleaning modes. There are also brief technical characteristics of the device.
Opening the box, inside we found:
the vacuum cleaner itself with an installed dry cleaning unit and a replaceable HEPA filter;
module for wet cleaning;
two microfiber cloths for cleaning the floor;
base of the vacuum cleaner;
DC adapter;
Remote Control;
additional HEPA filter;
two sets of side brushes;
user guide.
At first sight
The iBoto Smart X320G Aqua differs from most of the robotic vacuum cleaners that we have recently reviewed in size: its diameter is noticeably smaller than that of its classmates. This allows us to hope that the permeability of the device may be higher.
The bumper device is ordinary: the front spring-loaded half-ring is closed with IR-transparent plastic, behind which the proximity sensors are hidden. A rubber strip is placed just below, softening the inevitable blows against furniture. There are infrared sensors on the rear of the vacuum cleaner, this should make it easier to find the base. On the right side is the switch and next to it is the charger plug. If necessary, the vacuum cleaner can be charged directly from the DC adapter. This can be convenient in small rooms where it is not possible to allocate a special area on the floor to put the base.
Waste container with filter is located outside the standard: under the top panel of the device. To get to the bin, press on the top cover in the area of the Push inscription, and the spring-loaded panel will swing open, revealing the niche of the container.
The waste bin for dry cleaning is made of transparent gray plastic. The vacuum cleaner has a two-stage filtration system: a dense nylon mesh is placed between the fine HEPA filter, which retains coarse debris.
The wet wiping block is the same shape but made of blue plastic. Water from it flows by gravity to the holes in the bottom of the vacuum cleaner, through which it moistens the rag that wipes the floor.
The set of the device includes two rectangular HEPA filters, one of them is already installed in the bin.
On the bottom panel, the absence of the already familiar motor brush is striking: Smart X320G Aqua sweeps only with the side rotating "whiskers". It sucks up trash through a central opening that opens directly into the container.
The vacuum cleaner is supported by three wheels. Two of them, the leading ones, are equipped with treads with pronounced lugs made of dense rubber, which prevent slipping on smooth floors. The third, guide, has a rubber coating without a pattern. This is the scheme used in most vacuum cleaners. The drive wheel suspension has a travel of 30 mm and allows you to change the device's clearance from 0.5 to 3.5 cm.
The set includes two damp cloths. They are made of blue microfiber and are secured to the back of the bottom panel with Velcro.
The side brushes vary slightly in shape. The L brush is for the left axle, and the R marking indicates the right side.
The set includes a brush that removes dust from the ribbed surface of the fine filter.
Conventional base: Above the platform with spring-loaded charging contacts, an IR transparent body rises, under which emitters are hidden, making it easier to find the power source.
The DC adapter can be connected either to the base or directly to the instrument.
To get started, just press the toggle switch on the side and start the vacuum cleaner with the Clean touch button on the top panel: it will start cleaning in automatic mode. A second press will pause.
Along the sides of the single button are two bars of three blue LEDs. When the vacuum cleaner is in standby mode, they are turned off. During the cleaning process, two single lights flash, during a pause in work, all lights are slowly turned on and off.
Remote control
For those who do not like to chase the device in attempts to stop it, but prefer to operate it lying on the sofa, the iBoto X320G comes with a remote control.
The small display of the remote control shows the current time and the start time of cleaning according to the schedule, if such is set by the user. Setting the time and scheduling cleaning are made respectively by the Clock and Plan buttons. Both times are displayed in 24-hour format.
In the central part of the remote control there is a Clean button, which starts cleaning in automatic mode. Arrows around it control the movement of the device during operation. The choice of hours and minutes when setting the time is made with the same buttons.
In the bottom row there are buttons for enabling local cleaning or sweeping along the walls. Between them is a button to return to base.
The remote control is powered by two AAA elements, they are not included in the device package.
After removing the vacuum cleaner from the box, you should, of course, remove the stickers and transport protectors from the bumper. The side brushes must be installed observing the direction of bending of the pile: the brush marked "L" to the left axis, and the brush "R" to the right.
The device must be fully charged before use. The manufacturer recommends not counting the hours until it is fully charged, but simply leaving it overnight. We noted, though, that the new device takes just under four hours to charge. During operation, the charging time was no more than two hours: the software saves battery life and makes the device go to the base long before reaching a critical level.
The base of the vacuum cleaner must be installed so that there are no objects interfering with it at a distance of one meter to the right and left. The free space in front of the base must be at least two meters. The manufacturer does not write about any requirements for the placement of mirrors, but we remember that reflective surfaces can also complicate the orientation of the device.
Before starting work, it is recommended to set the current time and optionally set the cleaning time according to the schedule. iBoto X320G allows one launch per day without the possibility of setting different times for workdays and weekends.
The switched on vacuum cleaner emits a low melodic signal and starts cleaning. In automatic mode, it moves like a snake, turning 90 ° and 180 ° when meeting obstacles. The robot makes almost no turns at other angles.
The randomization of the movement of the device is good. It is achieved not by turns by a random angle, but by sudden changes in the direction of rectilinear movement: the "snake" removes not the entire room, but separate, often not too large rectangular areas.
Due to its small size, the robot successfully penetrates into areas of the room that are hard to reach for most of its classmates and, most importantly, easily leaves them. We met robotic vacuum cleaners, which considered an insurmountable trap the space between the legs of an ordinary chair, slightly larger than the diameter of the device, and we note with satisfaction that the narrow spaces of the room did not frighten our vacuum cleaner - it does not suffer from claustrophobia.
When driving straight ahead in automatic mode, iBoto X320G tends to stop and freeze for 5-7 seconds, thoughtfully blinking signal diodes - like in pause mode. This happens not only when hitting an obstacle, but also when there is a completely free space in front of the sensors. After stopping, the device can continue to move in the selected direction, or it can turn at right angles to the right or left.
When you press the cleaning button along the walls, the vacuum cleaner moves to the nearest obstacle and tries to bypass it around the perimeter. If this obstacle is small, the robot realizes after a short time that it is bypassing the chair or table and leaves the area, trying to find the wall. Sooner or later, the search ends successfully, then cleaning around the perimeter continues until the critical battery charge is reached.
Turning on the local cleaning mode makes the vacuum cleaner move in gradually expanding concentric circles, first increasing and then decreasing them, and thus removes an even circle with a diameter of about a meter. From the center of the circle, the robot returns to automatic cleaning mode.
In the wet cleaning mode, this model evenly, without streaks and drops, wipes the surface, but does not collect dust and debris: the washing unit does not have a garbage container, so dry cleaning is necessary before washing the floor.
When the charge level drops to a minimum, the iBoto X320G turns off the suction, reduces the speed and slowly, continuing to work with the side brushes, goes to look for the base. The residual charge is enough for him on the way home: during the test operation, the robot never remained discharged outside the base.
We liked the iBoto X320G robot vacuum cleaner with its original, uncomplicated, but well thought-out design. Its size and permeability make it possible to effectively clean small rooms with a lot of furniture and obstacles that are hard to reach for most of his classmates. Thanks to its small diameter, it can reach corners of rooms that were not accessible to larger vacuum cleaners.
Low suction power and the absence of a central brush are balanced by an effective algorithm for bypassing the working area, which ensures high-quality uniform cleaning of the room.
The iBoto X320G vacuum cleaner is suitable for dry and wet cleaning of small and medium-sized apartments, including those slightly overloaded with furniture, but it will also work well in large rooms.
high-quality cleaning of the premises
good algorithm for bypassing the working area
small diameter
possibility of wet cleaning
low suction power
lack of a central brush

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